I've worked in and with enough print shops to have a good handle on any print project that comes my way. And into today where I do a lot for businesses on their websites and online marketing.
I started out always taking the art and photography classes at Northrop High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana. I've always leaned toward graphic design even as a kid, drawing comic book headlines and characters. I yearned for warmer climate, so upon finding a booklet on the "Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale" in my commercial art class I decided to make the big move from home and parents to Florida. There I worked my way through print shops, varying freelance jobs and design studios
But to back up to my employed years;
Out of school I found a design job that gave me the opportunity to get my hands into working with type, logo creation and application, as well as some illustration. Taking an interest in Airbrushing, I entered a flea market on weekends and did a lot of freehand work on T-Shirts. Even worked on a couple different motorcycles. One of which was designed as a dragon from head to toe. From there I moved toward the screen printing trade and learned the entire process, from design to finished product. 
Then came my print design experiences freelancing and in print shops, designing (and working with customers) of pretty much anything that could be printed from Matchbook Covers to Billboards.
With the advent of the internet, it became important to be able to format files and sites for web page use. Though I'm sure I'll never be a programmer, I gained understanding of html, and building sites with programs such as Dreamweaver and GoLive, optimizing files for sites and designing email blasts has been an ongoing pursuit also.

Upon landing a job with a company that produced Yardage Books for Golf Courses I found myself learning the nooks and crannies of all the great things Photoshop, layout and 3D programs have to offer.

Giving a lot of room for creativity, I've pursued the art of Restaurant Menu design for quite some time as well and had some nice successes with several clients, providing covers and menus layouts for a variety of restaurants in Palm Beach County. Along with advertising design my experience with layout for print and web has been rather extensive.

Always striving for better quality in my designs and pleasing clients with my work (and relationship) is always priority. Keeping up on the essential software (primarily from Adobe) by watching and studying a lot of online video training is right up there as well in my priority list. And in addition to graphic design and illustration now currently interested in marketing for the internet and and SEO practices, as well as email designs for email blasts from company lists.
I devote my time primarily to family, clients and developing my skills as a computer graphics guy/artist/illustrator/designer/marketer. I look forward to speaking with you and give you all I can to help fulfill your next design projects.
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