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I recently was called upon by "GOLF Magazine" to illustrate a hole per month. Many thanks to Paul Crawford the creative director! And I couldn't be happier about having this opportunity. Here's a taste:
"What you have to make sure about, is that the illustration reflects that there's a wee bit of high ground just before the green, on the right side where there's an open entrance. Second, the front-right portion of the green itself has to be shown (as best as possible) to be HIGHER than any other portion of the green. The high ground just before the green and on the green is what makes this such genius design. If you can hit your shot with just the proper trajectory, that higher ground will act as a bank, which will either stop the ball there, or, if you've played it with just enough draw, the ball will actually slow down after landing and follow the contours of that banked ground and trundle from right to left, toward the lower portion of the green, where the hole is usually cut."
"On showing the green, maybe draw the hole running toward the reader. Just need to show a long putt going diagonally across the green. It should be obvious, say, the the overall break of the green-is-front to back or back-to-front, but that on its journey to the hole, the ball must traverse a rise which would push the putt in the opposite direction of the overall slope."
"For the next issue we want to show a 400-yard par-4 hole.. At about 250 yards (where our typical player maxes out his driver distance), the fairway is at its narrowest, “pinched” in either by rough, trees, hazards, etc.. Instruction is based on how to handle this (i.e., switching clubs, swing, strategy) to avoid finding trouble off the tee."
Royal Troon Hole 8  - located in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland. 
Royal Troon is home to both the longest and shortest holes in Open Championship golf.
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